Messy Bun Hat Loom Knitting

Video tutorial:

For this pattern I used the 41 peg round loom from Knifty Knitter, Caron Cake yarn (double strand), loom knit tool, scissors and a darning needle.

Start by doing the e wrap cast on.    
Round 1-10 Knit one Purl one    
Round 11-14 e wrap stitch    
Round 15-18 Knit one Purl one    
Round 19-22   e wrap stitch    
Last 12 rows U wrap stitch (similar to flat knit but make the letter u)    

Next, take your working yarn and darning needling around the loom removing one peg at a time off the loom. It's called the draw string cast off. Instead of closing the hole, adjust the hole to the size you want it. 

Last, cut and sew the ends in.   


Loom Knit Fingerless Mittens

Youtube tutorial:

Use the e wrap cast on.   

Start by e wrapping the pegs one by one. Start at the anchor peg and go all the way around. Repeat. Then take the bottom loop over the top. Push the stitches down. This completes your cast on.

We are going to use the e wrap stitch for 3 ½ inches. Make sure you have your tape measure ready.   

After knitting 3 ½ inches we are going to match the stitches up like a brim of a hat. We will use the anchor peg as a base point to start. (My video shows exactly how to match the stitches). Once you have folded and placed the stitches on to the peg you will knit over.   
 Next step continue doing the e wrap for 4 more inches.   

After the 4 inches are knitted, it's time to start on the thumb. Start to the right of the anchor peg. Instead of doing an e wrap we will be doing the U stitch. Stop stitching once you get to the peg left of the anchor peg. Instead of stitching around you will turn and go the other way. (My video will show you exactly how to do this.) By stopping and turning you will create the thumb hole. *This is a very important step to remember.   

Knit back and forth skipping creating the thumb hole for a total of 6 rows.   
After that we will start the e wrap stitch again for a total of 10 rows.   

We will finish using the basic bind off method.   
Sew the loose ends into the mitten.   

Loom Knit Dog Sweater

Link to video tutorial:

Ewrap cast on

We are starting with the NECK portion. After we do the Ewrap cast on the next stitch will be the Purl stitch. I am doing a total of 19 rows for my dog. Remember, one round of ewrap stitch and one round of purl stitch equals one row. My neck portion measures about 7 inches. 

Now we are starting the LEG HOLES. Leave the three pegs in the middle alone. I place different color stitch markers on them to remind myself. I did a bind off on both sides of the middle portion. I used four pegs on each side for my dogs legs but you can use more if your dog is bigger. (My video shows how to bind off.)

Work the three pegs in the middle of the loom that separates the leg holes. This is the STRAP IN THE MIDDLE that leads to the belly. Work back and forth for a total of nine times. 

CLOSE THE LEG HOLES by doing the Ewrap stitch. Knit over those pegs that are able and do the ewrap stitch again. 

Next PURL STITCH. Continue the Knit/Purl rows. My dog measures 7 inch from the back of the leg joint to the end of belly. (Measure your dog accordingly.) The total amount of rows for this equals 19. Again, one row equals one ewrap stitch and one purl stitch. 

BIND OFF BELLY Use eight stitch markers. (Follow video instructions on how to bind off.) 

Continue the KNIT/PURL pattern. My dog measured a total of 10 rows. Again, that’s one ewrap stitch and one purl stitch. Measure your own dog accordingly. 

TAKING THE SWEATER OFF THE LOOM Use the Basic Bind Off Method to get the sweater off the loom. (Follow video instructions.) 

SEW IN THE LOOSE ENDS  If you are unsure on how to sew in the loose ends follow the video instructions. 

*This pattern is by Gina Lay. If you make this pattern please give me credit by linking my name and channel link, especially on social media. It is very much appreciated. Thank you!